Elopements truly have my heart and I adore being a Florida elopement photographer! Weddings are festive and amazing celebrations, and I love photographing them! With elopements though, the simplicity and focus around capturing your connection and love for each other makes my heart sing.

I have been photographing more of them lately and that makes me feel elated and alive with creativity. Elopements allow us the time to find lovely spots to take photos and at any time of the day that would best suit those locations. They are intimate and truly remind me why I got married in the first place, and why marriage is such a beautiful commitment. To celebrate the love a husband and wife have for each other and that they want to be together for the rest of their days.

In fact my husband and I packed up our kids for our 5 year anniversary and drove to the mountains of Asheville, where we had originally got married and had an elopement type vow renewal at the top of Craggy Pinnacle (check out my bucket list!). It was so special just having our little family there and then having an amazing photo session where beautiful, intimate photos of us were captured for us to keep and share forever. We vowed to do it at least every 5 years…my hubby knows how to keep me happy!


Florida Elopement Photographer Florida Elopement Photographer


Our typical elopements are about 2-3 hours, and include at least an hour and a half photo shoot for the bride and groom, their elopement ceremony, and then some family photos for any family that might be present at the ceremony. I have also been working with the amazingly talented Nicole from Boho Garden Crowns to create an elopement package with photography and florals! Please reach out and lets chat about your special day! I simply adore elopements and I cant wait to hear about yours!


Florida Elopement Photographer Florida Elopement Photographer


I am an Florida elopement photographer but I would love to travel and capture your elopement. Check out my bucket list or let me know where you’re eloping and let’s chat about details. I have a wanderlust heart and I love mixing travel with photography, so please reach out!