Meet Dawn

Hello! Im Dawn. I am a mother of three beautiful children and wife to my amazing husband. They all make me make me cry the happy tears, they make me crazy and frustrated, and they make me feel the most powerful and unconditional love I have ever felt in my life. I am all about experiencing new places and cultures, entrenching myself in them to learn new things. I really love to be outdoors and see new landscapes, standing at the top of a mountain, on a cliff or under a waterfall. Smelling the salty sea air, walking across the rocks of a freezing cold mountain stream, or feeling the wind blow through my hair at a pinnacle, these are all feelings that excite me. My job is truly a passion, it’s something I can incorporate my wanderlust heart into and something I want to continually learn and grow in.

I have been a photographer for a few years now, photographing many different types of sessions and people. Through these years though I have truly found my niche capturing Weddings & Love and Boudoir & Glamour.

For weddings and love sessions, I am all about connection. I want to show your story. I want people to look at your photographs and see the love you have for each other, the little moments many don’t see and the romantic gestures and sweet looks you give each other. I dont want the standard poses, my goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible, as quickly as you can, so you can let go of your inhibitions and just be yourselves. When that happens, that’s when I capture who you are, the silly, the loud, the quiet, the sarcastic, the loving, the playful, and you’re true love for each other. We are going to make photographs you can sit down on your couch one day and show your grandchildren. Let them be in awe of your beauty and love, showing them what love really is.

During boudoir and glamour sessions I want to make you feel as beautiful as you truly are. We all have our insecurities and Im going to show you that you dont need them. You’re amazing the way you are and I want to show you that beauty. We are going to have fun, get comfortable, be ourselves and create beautiful art. My goal is to make every woman on this planet feel good about themselves! Its not easy, and I struggle with it myself but we should all embrace ourselves and Im going to help you do that.

Random Facts About Me:

I love Jesus!

My favorite foods are sushi and ice cream.

Whole Foods Organic Hazelnut Creamer is where it’s at!! Try it!

Beer & Martinis make me happy…not mixed though.

I think laughter is the best sound! I love how infectious it is.

My grandmother is the inspiration behind my business’ name, she was the most kind and loving person and I strive to follow in her footsteps.

I cry at weddings, at births, and at some commercials… I’m not sure what happened but after having kids, I became a sap!

I am addicted to Free People & Anthropologie

I hope wearing flowers in your hair never goes out of style!